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Ross Stansfield

Ross has also been involved in motion picture production since 1990, as a Director, Producer, DP and Editor creating TV spots, commercial films, short films, music videos and a documentaries.

In 2022 Ross was gaffing indie films and TV spots for GoTo Team and Ikam Productions. He produced a Training film for Dewey Square at NEA last month with a team of five professionals. He was gaffer for promotional video for the Bernie House, a non-profit that provides housing for victims of domestic violence.

In 2020, he worked with Cheryl Crim on the award-winning documentary “Resisterhood” that celebrates American democracy and the diverse group of patriots who have stepped up to defend it.

He recently was the gaffer for 6 episodes of “Man at Arms Reforged” near Baltimore. A web series about blacksmiths creating hybrid weapons...the first show “Batman’s gauntlet with Wolverine Claws” had over 11 million views.

Ross also worked in July 2016 as the gaffer with his crew for three films for DHS on human trafficking.

Also, he was cinematographer for Dan Akroyd at the Hard Rock with Skunk Baxter and the FBI Band 2005. 

In addition, he was cinematographer/gaffer for the following Cancer Can Rock videos:
Chris Stein: 
Jenny Langer: 
Dusk Whales: 
Christine Baze: 
Mark Bandy: 
The Seer: